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200 Useful Idioms and Phrases

Find out what English idioms are used in every day life, work, and business


* 200 Lessons*  of  Great and common Idioms , Expressions and Useful phrases you must learn *

  • Is it sometimes hard to understand what English speakers say to you  ? 
  • Do you want to become more confident when Speaking English ? 
  • Do you wish you could speak English more fluently and naturally ? this course is for You 

You can improve your proficiency by focusing on idioms – phrases and expressions that all native speakers use, but that are difficult for non-native speakers to understand.

In this course, we cover only essential idioms that can be used in a variety of day-to-day situations. In a series of fun, engaging, and informative video lectures, you’ll get clear explanations, numerous examples, and interactive exercises.

Those students wishing to upgrade their English skills will find this 200 Useful Idioms and Phrases course comprehensive and excellent

The following set of idioms and expressions have been chosen as the most useful and widely used

The idioms are explained in a very straightforward manner with a very simple language to help you better understand them

Idioms and expressions are explained with three examples so you will know how to use them

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The last part of every Unit is a quiz and a comprehension question which tests your knowledge of the topics discussed

You will review these idioms in different clips and movies , you will also have a chance to check your understanding

In total, you will find more than 5 hours of video content to help you learn real life English.


Let me know if you have any questions or if you run into any problems and I will be glad to help you!

Do not forget to practice all your new words with other students from around the world here on Udemy.

Good luck and enjoy the 200 Useful Idioms and Phrases course!

All the best, 

Ahmad Rabiee 

Who this course is for:

  • Those students who want to improve their Conversation skills
  • These courses are intended for students who already speak some English, but would like to improve their understanding of English and speak more like a native speaker
  • People who want to understand English culture better
  • People who are preparing for IELTS or TOEFL

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Last updated 6/2021
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