3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs

3ds Max intro course: 3Ds Max and V-Ray for creating 3D architectural imagery, from beginner to advanced

What you’ll learn

  • Learn 3ds Max + V-Ray from scratch by creating your first arch viz project in the first 6 hrs of the 3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs course
  • Take your rendering knowledge from basic to pro by following along with multiple projects using a pro workflow
  • Become comfortable creating with the two industry-standard software packages, 3ds Max and V-Ray
  • Learn to use Photoshop for texture creation and post-processing your renderings
  • Learn Vray materials, lighting, and cameras.
  • Provide the foundation for starting a career in 3d visualization.
  • Complete your first photoreal, professional rendering using 3ds Max and Vray.
  • Improve your lighting, composition, and post-processing skills
  • Start creating professional looking 3d visualization by following along with the 3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs course projects.
  • After learning the basics with the first projects, jump into more advanced projects with the latest versions of the software
  • New content added regularly
  • Adjust your knowledge for the most up to date versions of the software


  • 64 bit Windows operating system
  • Computer and Internet
  • Ability to download/install trial software
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Knowledge of CAD, 3d software, photo editing, art/illustration — helpful but not necessary.
  • Previous experience in a design field is helpful, but also not necessary.


Course Updated 09/11/2020 – A total revamp of the course to bring it up to speed with the most recent software. Consists of a whole brand-new project from start to finish with numerous expert model/ texture downloads for your usage in knowing.

Much more content coming quickly (innovative methods for arch viz, interior renderings with V-Ray, animation, etc).

I’ll be your technical assistance – I respond to concerns every day in the conversation area, and I constantly react to your personal messages. You can’t discover another 3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs course anywhere that offers you this much training, from a practicing expert, who is likewise at your beckon call to assist, for such a sensible rate.

Recent Student Feedback.

” The Missing Link.

Having actually done many online 3D courses I am constantly looking for brand-new methods of doing things to speed up production and modeling. What Adam lays out in the Intro clip is what you ought to attain reasonably quickly by the end of the 3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs course. The only drawback is that he hasn’t done more sophisticated Visualisation courses.

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” This course is best for the novices in 3ds max and V-ray. The details is clear and easy to understand. The 3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs course was a blast …”.

About This Course:.

When I initially made this course, it was to fill a space that I saw in the arch viz market. I made this course, and I never ever might have envisioned how popular it has actually ended up being!


  • teaches 3ds Max and V-Ray from the very start.
  • follows a project from absolutely nothing, all the way to the end.
  • shows the precise workflow that I utilize daily as a practicing expert (therefore the PRO part).
  • usages my UI setup, shortcuts, etc (all downloadable for your usage).
  • programs you whatever you require to understand to make a fundamental project.
  • usages 3ds Max 2011, so as long as you have any version after that, you ought to have the ability to follow (updates have actually been made where required to account for changes all the way approximately the majority of present versions).
  • includes 6 HRS of video from start to finish.


  • brings you up to speed with the current versions of the software and fills out the spaces where they exist.
  • advanced methods (i.e. HDRI lighting, etc).
  • advanced and intricate projects.
  • presently 2 extra projects to follow together with, consisting of an innovative exterior and interior.
  • much greater production quality than original videos.
  • amazing brand-new material being included frequently to make you familiar with brand-new methods, software updates, and so on
  • brand-new projects coming quickly.

About 3ds Max and V-Ray:.

You can discover, and begin a profession in 3d too. Whatever you require to get begun is in this 3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs course. Keep in mind, you do not usually require official training to get a job in 3D.

Some Questions To Ask Yourself:.

  • Are you presently in a job you do not enjoy?Jobs in 3d are seriously enjoyable and gratifying!
  • Are you an architecture trainee who feels overloaded often attempting to discover complex software simply to provide your design correctly? This 3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs course can get you up and running QUICK! Plus, you’ll discover it the proper way, from a pro.
  • Are you a SketchUp user who is no longer pleased with the modeling/ rendering abilities of SketchUp, and are ready to take your 3d abilities to the next level? SketchUp is excellent at what it does, however it fails when it concerns making fancy, photoreal images. Bring your sketchUp with you, then find out to import it into 3ds Max and render with V-Ray, the finest render engine out there.
  • Are you a practicing architect that requires a much better method to depict your designs to customers? You’ve concerned the best location. I am a professional at simply that.
  • Possibly you’re a gamer who wishes to make your own video game assets? Even you need to discover 3ds Max. It is the market standard for video games, and I personally have actually utilized it for asset development for my unity 3d video games.
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Course Structure (Original 6 hrs of direction).

  • I will likewise go over how to tailor your UI for an expert workflow, due to the fact that why discover the sluggish method to do things? Of course, you can avoid all of this if you are more experienced.
  • Next, we will begin with the essentials of modeling. I will reveal your various methods, and we will start to deal with our project. Once again, files will be supplied if you desire/ require them.
  • With modeling down, we will enter into V-Ray and begin having fun with lighting, products, cams, render settings, and so on
  • . We will find out how to improve our images with Photoshop. I provide some excellent post-processing pointers in this 3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs course.
  • By the end, you will have the ability to make architectural renderings by yourself with a totally expert setup and workflow. It is your turn to begin practicing your abilities, making lovely work, developing a portfolio, and landing a job.
  • AFTER THE INITIAL PROJECT – as soon as you have actually finished your very first project and found out the fundamentals, I will then move into advanced methods (likewise, there is a completely expert interior V-Ray project coming quickly that trainees will have the ability to find out in addition to– this is for advanced users or individuals who are ready to carry on from the preliminary 6 hrs of direction).
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How Will This Course Benefit You?

If you are a newbie, this class will be a fantastic introduction of how to get up and running. It will eliminate all the stuff you do not require and reveal you precisely the workflow essential to work like a pro.

If you are a veteran user, take this 3ds Max + V-Ray: 3ds Max PRO in 6 hrs course to polish your V-Ray abilities, and likewise to simplify your workflow. I reveal so numerous pointers and techniques that I utilize daily to pump out arch viz projects quick and on spending plan.

COMING SOON: If you seem like you have actually mastered the fundamentals, I have actually now included advanced/ odd methods that can actually assist your images to stand apart, and far more will be coming quickly, consisting of an expert V-Ray interior shot that is entirely photoreal.

All set To Sign Up?

Wan’t to make some of your own images? Let’s get begun. 6 hrs is all you require to get begun, then take the abilities I share and practice, practice, practice.

Keep in mind, I will supply the files and download links that you require for whatever. My models are consisted of. Feature absolutely nothing, entrust an ended up project and an excellent knowledge base.

Start Your Love Affair With 3d Today!


  • If the cost isn’t right, watch out for Udemy promos and discount coupon codes around the web, however I believe a 6 hr training for $64 is a respectable offer. Sure beats a term at neighborhood college:-RRB-.
  • 30 day refund warranty, no questions asked! (If you dislike it, get a refund).
  • Adam Zollinger.

Specialist (self-taught and all set to teach you) 3d Artist.

Who this course is for:.

  • Design specialists who wish to find out 3D.
  • Architecture trainees.
  • SketchUp users aiming to advance their capability.
  • Anybody with an unclear interest in 3d.
  • Draftsman who have an interest in finding out rendering.
  • Architects.
  • Existing 3ds Max users who wish to discover how to deal with Vray.
  • Gamers who wish to discover to model their own video game assets (specifically architectural ones) in 3ds Max.

Created by Adam Zollinger
Last updated 9/2020
Size: 1.77 GB

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