Advanced LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn Ads Advanced B2B

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I built my previous Advanced LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn Ads Advanced B2B course on LinkedIn advertising on how to build scalable marketing campaigns to take advantage of full-funnel campaigns instead of just optimizing for lead generation based on low-hanging fruit. We will walk you through the process of designing an effective lead generation campaign using the right content. With a top-tier marketing MBA from Philip Kotler’s school and experience in LinkedIn advertising (for companies of all sizes, including Fortune 100 companies), learn from someone who has been doing LinkedIn ads since 2011.

The following are some of the key topics for hands-on LinkedIn advertising:

  • Targeting in-market and out-of-market buyers with different approaches
  • Awareness marketing
  • Frequency, reach, and other metrics such as the price to get people to consume videos
  • Bidding strategies to lower your costs
  • Video marketing in detail with B2B examples
  • Full-funnel demand generation (not just direct-response)
  • Sophisticated awareness marketing that segues into lead generation
  • Targeting & testing
  • Applied B2B marketing strategy considerations
  • Monitoring KPIs such as reach and frequency
  • Building scalable campaigns
  • Using LinkedIn for research
  • Spotlight ads, NEW event ads & organic post boosts
  • Fixing failed campaigns and diganosing strategic and tactical problems

My LinkedIn campaigns have been REAL EXAMPLES that I have run for a variety of businesses.

I will turn you into a successful B2B LinkedIn advertiser.

The Advanced LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn Ads Advanced B2B course will show you how to generate leads and avoid costly mistakes such as paying too much for leads or not receiving enough responses because you haven’t hit the right funnel stage.

Discover expert marketing advice from a marketer who has worked for startups, midsize companies, and Fortune 100 companies for 11 years. This Advanced LinkedIn Advertising: LinkedIn Ads Advanced B2B course is taught by an experienced marketing professor from the #1 in the nation school.

B2B Marketing & Business Development

Created by Dekker Fraser, MBA
Last updated 8/2021
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