Advanced React For Enterprise: React for senior engineers

A practical guide for software engineers on how to create, scale, and maintain high-quality design systems.


Thank you for enrolling in the React for Senior Engineers course!! This training necessitates a complete understanding of React.

I’ve been working with React.js for over 5 years, and I’m very thrilled to share the skills you’ll need to succeed as a senior React Engineer with you. Do you want to build and architect react Apps like Microsoft and Github Engineers? This Advanced React For Enterprise: React for senior engineers course is for you!

We’ll create our own design system from the ground up. This will allow us to tackle more advanced subjects such as:

  1. CSS Architecture for react applications
  2. Typescript and its advantages for frontend engineers
  3. Design systems and atomic design principles
  4. Npm package creation, management and publishing
  5. Continuous integration and deployment for the frontend engineer
  6. Unit component testing
  7. Visual regression testing
  8. Storybook and component libraries
  9. Component design patterns
  10. Mono-repository architecture patterns
  11. Accessibility and unit accessibility testing 

And so much more to come.

This Advanced React For Enterprise: React for senior engineers course is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a beginner to midlevel react developer looking to learn more advanced concepts
  • You want to improve your skills all round as a frontend engineer
  • You are interested in building design systems
  • You want to learn the fundamentals tools you’ll need to become an open source software developer
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We’ll also be creating a whole new area with sophisticated react concepts that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. Advanced topics will be covered, including design patterns, hook patterns, efficient state management, frontend codebase architecture, performance best practices, and much more.

Come along with me on this exciting adventure. I’m looking forward to sharing my vast expertise and experience with you. Now is the time to enroll and transform your life forever.

What you’ll learn

  • Css architecture of frontend codebases
  • Design patterns for creating reusable react components
  • Creating maintainable and team effective components with Typescript
  • Creating, deploying and managing npm packages
  • Accessibility of custom components & accessibility testing
  • Performance optimisation for styles in React codebases
  • Unit and visual regression testing
  • Storybook and component libraries
  • Continuous integration and deployments for the modern software engineer


  • Basic knowledge of React is required
  • A little knowledge about testing is recommended but not required
  • Basic knowledge of Typescript is recommended but not required

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to intermediate React developers looking to become senior react developers

Created by Kati Frantz
Last updated 6/2021
Size: 2.34GB

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