Android Development: Retrofit with Kotlin

Your mobile phone’s internet connection is used by many apps to get data. A library called Retrofit is the main component used by Android apps for getting data from the internet and posting it. The course teaches you to use Retrofit with idiomatic Kotlin code that you can use directly in your Android application. During this course, instructor Rahul Pandey covers everything you need to know about building rich, networked Android apps. In the beginning, Rahul helps you learn about APIs and how to use them.

A recent presentation by him explained concurrency, coroutines in Kotlin, and how both can be beneficial for your app. During Rahul’s demo, you’ll see how to get started with an Android Retrofit project, and he’ll also show you how to retrieve and send data, as well as handle authentication between Android apps. The last part of Rahul’s presentation covers advanced configuration options for Retrofit.

Size: 255.1 MB
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