Appium -Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks

200 -Appium+Lectures on the basics of mobile automation and how to implement a framework with real-life examples

What you’ll learn

  • The course provides complete training on automating (Native and Hybrid) Android/IOS apps using Appium.
  • This course will cover the latest version of Selenium 3.0 where you will be able to automate any mobile or web application.
  • During this course, you will learn the coding standards for writing the most efficient Mobile Automation scripts.
  • You will understand appium framework components like TesNG, Maven, ANT, Jenkins, page object model, etc
  • You will be able to develop a Mobile Automation framework from scratch
  • You will be able to create GREAT LOOKING REPORTS using the best-advanced REPORTING TOOL
  • “Last but not least” you can clear any Interview and can Lead Entire Appium Automation Project from Design Stage


  • ******You need NOT have java coding experience to start this Appium -Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks course********* Even non Programming candidates can follow this course comfortably
  • Though these are online Lectures. You will have Life Time instructor support. You can post your Queries on the discussion board or can contact me directly, Will respond in less than 12 hours
  • All Appium Installation setup including Java knowledge is taken care of as part of the Appium -Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks course
  • Theoretical Material, Code dump, and Interview Guide are available for download
  • Join in our Appium Training community with (200 + lectures, 30000+ Students) Learning Together which you will not see in any other Selenium online course on Udemy.
  • We have 2 dedicated Trainers who can help in answering students queries along with resume preparation, Interview preparation, and Job assistance
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This is the most popular APPIUM course on Udemy with the highest enrollment of students

Get all the information you need to make mobile apps (Android and iOS) even if you don’t have any coding experience

There are already more than 50,000 potential students enrolled and all the reviews are five stars
The Appium -Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworkscourse will prepare you to master Mobile Automation Testing in both Android and iOS and you will be able to implement it successfully in your workplace or land you a high-paying job. You can check out the quality of the course by watching the preview talks and student reviews before enrolling. 

Its Time to Learn Mobile Automation! 

 There is a tremendous boom in the mobile market and Quality Testing in these platforms has become a major challenge, especially when it comes to finding a testing tool that works on all platforms forms 

  Its major benefit is its ability to run on Android and iOS platforms, so the developer only has to write the code once and execute it on multiple platforms 

With a number of tricks and tips, all topics are taught from the basics to the advanced level so that users can achieve perfection on everything.  Upon completion of this Appium -Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks course, you are free to choose any mobile application and automate it in any way you like 

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  Videos will be updated on regular basis based up on latest released versions of APPIUM 

  What is unique about this Appium -Mobile Automation Testing from Scratch + Frameworks course training in the market?  My lectures will teach my students about Mobile Automation concepts from scratch assuming they are new to the technology, illustrating them with real-time examples to boost their confidence, and preparing them for interviews at the end. 

                                              Topics Include: 

Appium Feautures   
Appium Internal Architecture 
Configuration setup for running tests on Emulator/Simulator 
 Working on Native (Android&IOS) Apps 
Working on Hybrid Apps   
Indepth explanation of Appium API’s to automate Android and IOS Apps
Mobile Gestures Automation scroll,swipe, longpress, tap, Touch Actions using Appium                                          
Automating Browser Apps using Appium                                            
Tips in identfying objects on App and browser   
Automating on real devices using Android and IOS
  IOS capabilities and guidelines for running on real iphone devices
TestNG Basics
Integration of Appium with Maven project
Appium Page object mode design
End to end Framework development using Appium

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                                                                                      Happy Testing!!!!!!! 

Who this course is for:

  • Manual testers, Non-programming aware testers interested in learning Automation
  • Web Automation Testers who are already aware of Selenium Webdriver
  • Any Software engineer who are interested in Mobile Technologies

Created by Rahul Shetty
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