Building Modern Web Applications with Go (Golang

Get a crash course in Go programming from a renowned professor on Building Modern Web Applications with Go (Golang.


  • This Building Modern Web Applications with Go (Golang course does not require any prerequisites. An internet connection and a computer (Mac, Windows, or Linux) are all you need.


This Building Modern Web Applications with Go (Golang course teaches modern, fast, and secure web applications in Google’s Go programming language, taught by a professor with 20 years of teaching experience and 20 years of entrepreneurship experience.

Among its many features are its type safeness, compiled nature, and intense speed. This platform is ideal for constructing incredibly fast, scalable, and safe web applications.

Both beginners and developers who already have some experience with web development but want to add Go to their toolbox can benefit from this Building Modern Web Applications with Go (Golang course.

After an introduction to the Go language, we will guide you through the basics of writing web applications. This includes an overview of HTML5, a discussion of JavaScript and JavaScript modules, how to use Cascading Style Sheets to make our applications look the way we want, and much more.

The major project in this class is to build bookings and reservation system for a Bed & Breakfast. Guests of our site will be able to search for accommodations by date and book online through a secure back end, and site owners will be able to manage reservations from a secure back end.

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You will learn how to build a functional, secure, and fast web application from the ground up while also gaining a solid understanding of the Go programming language at the end of the Building Modern Web Applications with Go (Golang course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want to learn to write programs professionally
  • Experienced developers who are interested in learning Go

Created by Trevor Sawler
Last updated 6/2021
Size: 13GB

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