11 Essential Coding Interview Questions + Coding Exercises!

Learn 3 handy problem solving techniques. Get 11 hand-picked problems. Get ready for your next coding interview by downloading this 11 Essential Coding Interview Questions + Coding Exercises!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn what a coding interview is like
  • Learn 3 problem solving techniques you’ll be able to use in your next coding interview!
  • Go through 11 of the most essential coding interview questions, coding exercises and answers!
  • Overall, feel more confident and be ready for your next coding interview


  • You should be familiar with at least one C-like programming language (could be Java, Python, C++, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.)
  • You should be familiar with basic data structures such as arrays, hash tables, linked lists, trees, and graphs
  • You should be familiar with the Big O notation


As you get ready for your next coding Coding Interview Questions meeting, have you at any point thought:

  • “I wish somebody could simply walk me through these issues and clarify what’s happening.”
  • “I wish there was a preselected set of the most significant coding meeting issues so I can rehearse them effectively.”

Provided that this is true, this Coding Interview Questions course is for you!

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In this course:

  • To start with, I’m going to give you a couple of critical thinking systems you’ll have the option to utilize immediately in your next coding meeting.
  • At that point, I’m going to walk you through the 11 basic coding inquiries questions and their answers.
  • I’ve picked these specific inquiries since they are the kinds of inquiries that are posed to regularly in programming interviews.
  • I’m going to cover issues that utilization ideas, for example, exhibits, strings, two-dimensional clusters, connected records and trees.
  • You’ll get a coding exercise in Python and Java for every issue, so you can get input on your answer immediately.
  • On the off chance that you need to utilize some other language to pursue this course, that is fine as well! Simply make sure to run your answer on your PC to ensure it works.

This course is proposed for transitional to cutting edge students who are getting ready for their product designer programming interviews.

In this way, I will accept that you’re as of now acquainted with ideas, for example,

  • Two dimensional clusters (which are basically varieties of exhibits)
  • Broadness first hunt and profundity first pursuit
  • Connected lists and trees

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is currently preparing for coding interviews / programming interviews
  • Anyone who wants to improve their problem solving / coding skills in general (coding interviews are a good way to practice these skills)
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