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Complete ASP.NET MVC course in C#

Learn basics of MVC and how to build fast and secure web applications with ASP.NET MVC 5

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the benefits of using .NET MVC and the need for MVC
  • Learn How to Develop Web Applications using MVC Design Pattern
  • Learn How to work with Models, Views(Razor) and Controllers
  • Understand the concepts of Routing
  • Learn How to use Various ActionResult
  • Learn How to work with HTML Forms
  • Learn How to use Scaffolding Templates
  • Learn How to Perform Validations with Annotations
  • Learn How to Develop Custom Helper/Extension Methods
  • Learn How to use AJAX within an MVC Application
  • Learn How to apply Security to MVC Applications
  • Learn Entity Framework Code First Methodology
  • Authentication and Authorization in MVC


  • Familiarity with .NET C#, HTML and basic CSS
  • Familiarity with SQL Basics


Learn Web Development with one of the most upcoming framework for Microsoft which is ASP.NET MVC utilizing C#. ASP.NET MVC is the most typical requirement now when you are looking for a new task in the.NET world and with this Complete ASP.NET MVC course in C#, you will have the understanding that is required for the same.

I have made this Complete ASP.NET MVC course in C# by taking in picture anyone who has actually been working with ASP.NET C#, but they believe its time to learn the most upcoming trend which is ASP.NET MVC. This course will help you get a solid understanding of the fundamental building blocks of MVC and you will also have a look at some advance topics in MVC as we create Book Rental application from scratch.

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The key to success is practice and that is what you would be doing over and over as you would write controllers, actions and view from scratch and work your way to success, while doing so you would get a strong understanding of the flow of MVC together with other concepts.

Jump right in to kick start your profession in ASP.NET MVC or to take your profession to next level!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn.NET MVC utilizing C#
  • Anybody who wants to take their existing MVC abilities to next level by creating a total application

Created by Bhrugen Patel
Last updated 12/2017

Size: 1.49 GB

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