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Akka Essentials with Scala Rock the JVM

Learn the Akka actor model with Scala and write parallel, concurrent and fault-tolerant systems with Akka supervision in this udemy Akka Essentials with Scala Rock the JVM course.

What you’ll learn

  • create concurrent applications with actors instead of threads and locks
  • design fault-tolerant systems with supervision
  • configure Akka for various scenarios
  • confidently test actor systems
  • use Akka patterns and best practices


  • solid general programming experience
  • a good understanding of multithreading
  • a solid command of the Scala language


In this course, we will learn how to compose concurrent and durable applications utilizing Akka actors. You’ll compose 2000+ lines of Akka code yourself, with assistance, and you will end up being a rockstar.

This course is for Scala programmers who require to create complex and scalable concurrent applications.

Why Akka:

  • it accelerates the development of concurrent applications by as much as 10x
  • its need has actually taken off
  • it’s an extremely valuable ability
  • it’s exceptionally enjoyable – as soon as tasted Akka, you’ll never ever wish to return to threads

I like to specify and get things done. This course

  1. deconstructs all principles into the vital pieces you require
  2. picks the most crucial concepts and separates them into what’s basic however important and what’s effective
  3. series concepts in a manner that “clicks” and makes good sense throughout the procedure of knowing
  4. uses whatever in live code
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Completion advantages are still much higher:

  • a totally brand-new psychological design around parallel applications
  • substantially more valuable resume
  • more satisfying work – Akka is enjoyable!

This course is for established programmers with experience with Scala and with practical programming at the level of the Rock the JVM Scala novices course. I currently presume a strong understanding of basic programming basics.

This course is NOT for you if

  • you’ve never ever composed Scala code prior to
  • you’ve never ever dealt with threads

The course is extensive, however you’ll constantly see me get directly to the point. Make sure you have an excellent level of focus and dedication to end up being a badass programmer.

I think both theory and practice are very important. That’s why you’ll get lectures with code examples, reality code demonstrations and tasks, plus extra resources, directions, workouts and options. At the end of the course, you’ll have composed countless lines of Akka.

I’ve seen that my trainees are most effective – and my finest trainees operate at Google-class business – when they’re directed, however not being informed what to do. I have workouts waiting on you, where I provide my (opinionated) assistance however otherwise flexibility to experiment and surpass your code.

Absolutely not least, my trainees are most effective when they have a good time along the way!

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Join me in this course and let’s rock the JVM!

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Last updated: December 26, 2019

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