Creating 3D environments in Blender

This course helps you creating wonderful environment scenes, organizing your workflow, and find the right inspiration.

What you’ll learn

  • Creating stunning unique environments
  • Organize your workflow to make large environment scenes
  • More than 250 unique 2K / 4K textures
  • Lots of medieval reference photos
  • E-book: Old Masters Unveiled ( 250 pages)
  • All scene assets, including buildings, rocks, grass, trees and more
  • 6 Characters to fill up your scene
  • Full course documentation for the Blender basics chapter
  • Baking your models and importing in Unity 3D


  • Blender version 2.81 or above
  • Computer ( min 16GB ram)


Making 3D environments in Blender

After 4 years, the making 3D environments course, is now lastly here for Blender 2.81. Countless trainees took part in the very first variation of this Creating 3D environments in Blender course and there were a great deal of ask for a follow-up course. Get ready for a brand-new chapter on the planet of 3D environments!

The occupation continues

For centuries, making environments has actually been something that numerous artists do to impress other individuals. Utilize the Creating 3D environments in Blender course to get the max out Blender and discover to make high quality 3D environments.

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Going back to square one

The intricacy of numerous scenes is typically holding individuals back from making ecological scenes in 3D. The power of this course is that it reveals you precisely what you require to create 3D environments and which information you may desire to prevent or hold off in order to make the most out of your own development.

The roadway to excellence

We all desire to make stunning scenes, however making these scenes can be a huge obstacle. This course is well recorded and guides you through the procedure of making 3D scenes in Blender 2.81.

From destroy to castle

Gradually we begin developing items and after one chapter you will be able to make a little dice scene. We will use the product on a destroy and develop the very first environment scene. There is a complete chapter about making nature properties and in the last castle scene we will combine whatever together to make a fantastic ecological scene.

About me

My name is Rob Tuytel and I have actually been a environment designer for the previous 13 years. I enjoy to study old environment paintings and utilize these as a motivation for my work. You may understand me from the Tears of Steel open Blender film or from my previous environment course for Blender 2.79

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Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for artists who like to grow in their workflow
  • Beginners
  • Environment artists
  • Game level artists

Size: 52.43 GB

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