SQL for Data Analysis: Weekender Crash Course for Beginners

Using MySQL but applicable to Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. Taught by a Data Scientist and PM.

What you’ll learn

  • Analyze user behavior
  • Find actionable customer/business insights
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Measure and track marketing efforts
  • Discover sexy marketing stats (e.g. 1 in 4 people love toast!)


  • No previous technical knowledge required


Buff up your resume/CV and become talk with prepared by adapting genuine world SQL in this course.

This SQL for Data Analysis: Weekender Crash Course for Beginners has been taken by fine advertising people at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Lyft, and Udemy.

Your Story:

Bill was hoping to move into a progressively scientific job and saw SQL as a necessity in the activity postings he saw. He needed to include “SQL” as an ability to his resume/CV with a tidy still, small voice and back it up if any inquiries emerged in the meeting. Be that as it may, arriving would take until the end of time. Better to simply “counterfeit it til’ you make it”… isn’t that so?

Joe was working in a showcasing position at a little organization. He had a lot of inventive thoughts yet once in a while felt like he was shooting in obscurity and speculating what clients were doing. On the off chance that lone he had a few bits of knowledge about client conduct so he could be an additional information driven advertiser. In any case, information examination is just for specialized people… isn’t that so?

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Our Story:

David and Pete joined Udemy with practically no specialized involvement. However, after a ton of experimentation, cerebral pains, and help from their companions, they got adequate to reveal remarkable experiences for themselves, their group, and their organization utilizing SQL. They had the option to find fascinating things about client conduct, make dashboards to track and quantify advance on group objectives, pull information for the executive group to use in speculator pitch decks, and get information driven about choices they made. They’ve since helped many colleagues buff up their information investigation aptitudes and helped understudies land occupations!

What You’ll Learn:

If you have no specialized foundation, don’t be apprehensive! We’ve refined our insight and experience utilizing SQL into a short course so that by the end, you’ll have the crude aptitudes to do some genuine information investigation for your organization utilizing SQL – a language basically EVERY organization employs. Note: this SQL for Data Analysis: Weekender Crash Course for Beginners shows you genuine world SQL – the hypothesis in unique yet genuine aptitudes you can use to get more information-driven in your present employment place.

How This Course is Structured:

  • In this SQL for Data Analysis: Weekender Crash Course for Beginners, we’ll be imagining we’re a genuine business (for example, Blockbuster), so the stuff you learn will be anything but difficult to apply to your own circumstance/organization. No dynamic/hypothetical jibber jabber.
  • We’ll experience inquiries a genuine business would run while additionally showing you the crude aptitudes undergirding those questions so you can adjust those abilities to make custom inquiries for your own particular purposes.
  • To strengthen learning, we have activities and tests dispersed throughout the SQL for Data Analysis: Weekender Crash Course for Beginners to learn by doing.
  • We’ll have a reward area where new addresses will be included sporadically (counting understudy mentioned addresses, further developed points, procedures for getting unstuck, and so forth.)
  • We’ll be effectively engaged with the exchange board addressing any inquiries you may have! Try not to be hesitant to inquire!
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A Note About Pedagogy:

We recognize what it resembles to purchase a book, like yourself, never complete it, and have nothing to appear for it. We don’t need that to occur with this SQL for Data Analysis: Weekender Crash Course for Beginners. We need this to be a course you’ll really wrap up. We accept half of learning is inspiration and commitment, so we’ve made a decent attempt to make this SQL for Data Analysis: Weekender Crash Course for Beginners fun, pertinent, engaging, and punchy – nitty-gritty, no hauling things out, only the great stuff. Hell, you may even wind up avoiding a gathering to invest energy with your new closest companions (for example us)!


  1. Do I need to purchase any software to take this course? Nope! Everything we use to do data analysis with MySQL is completely free. We’ll walk you through the installation and set-up of any software we’ll be using.
  2. Can I take this SQL for Data Analysis: Weekender Crash Course for Beginners with Linux? The set-up and installation lectures we’ve created are for Windows and Mac, and we don’t currently have specific installation lectures for Linux.

Who this course is for:

  • Marketers
  • Startup folks
  • Non-technical folks
  • Aspiring Data Analysts
  • Recent College Grads
  • Job-seekers
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Created by A Course You’ll Actually Finish, David Kim, Peter Sefton
Last updated 2020

Size: 674.09 MB

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