Learning Akka: Build Scalable & Robust Applications

Explore the Akka toolkit to build highly scalable and robust applications by downloading Learning Akka udemy course.

What you’ll learn

  • Explore Akka’s version of the actor model
  • Find out how actors solve concurrency problems
  • Build applications using Akka’s basic tools
  • Master different techniques to route messages to the actors in Akka
  • Change actor behavior on runtime using Become/Unbecome and FSM
  • Build stateful actors with Akka Persistence
  • Create your first cluster and discover how it can be used to build a fault-tolerant system
  • Use various techniques for testing an actor
  • Set up a stream system to work with Big Data
  • Expose your application to the web using Akka HTTP
  • See common actor development patterns in Akka


  • This video course conveys a systematic, well-ordered clarification of the real parts of the Akka toolbox through functional code models. We set up everything together in the last stretch of the course to demonstrate to you how Akka functions in nature.
  • Software version required: Akka 2.x


Akka encourages you to construct versatile, flexible, and shortcoming tolerant conveyed frameworks that can give extraordinary execution on neighborhood machines just as over remote systems. Utilizing the on-screen character model, it is conceivable to use these lightweight substances to program exceptionally accessible, elite applications. It conveys an incredible framework that can be utilized to appoint remoting, administration disappointments, and burden the executives with the goal that you can concentrate exclusively on your framework rationale. Learning Akka

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Learning Akka conveys an unmistakable and reasonable prologue to the Akka toolbox, clarifying the key parts you have to know to get ready for action with creating uses of your own.

We will begin by taking a gander at the entertainer model and how it takes care of simultaneousness issues. You will find out about the entertainer framework, how to make various leveled structures in Akka, and how to cause courses so as to send messages to different on-screen characters. We will take a gander at other use cases, for example, constructing an on-screen character that can change its conduct during runtime. You will at that point make stateful entertainers, work with a bunch framework, and work with remote on-screen characters. This course will likewise take you through testing the application with Akka test kit and making applications accessible over the web with Akka HTTP. At long last, we’ll utilize best practices and you’ll become acquainted with the basic entertainer examples utilized for advancement with Akka.

Before the finish of this course, you’ll have an extraordinary establishment in Akka that will empower you to create superb applications and administrations with the toolbox. Learning Akka

Who this course is for:

  • For Scala developers who are interested in building concurrent, scalable, and fault-tolerant applications with Akka, this course delivers the knowledge needed to do just that.
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