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Ethical Hacking – Hands-on Training Part II

Ethical Hacking – Hands-on Training Part II is an intermediate level hands-on course for ethical hacking.

What you’ll learn


  • Completion of an introductory course to ethical hacking or pentesting.
  • Or completing of Ethical Hacking – Hands-On Training Part I.
  • Above average use of the Kali CLI
  • Good troubleshooting skills


Alert –

Part II of Ethical Hacking – Hands-on Training follows an introduction to an ethical hacking or pentesting course. Prior to taking this Ethical Hacking – Hands-on Training Part II course, students should have completed an introduction to such a Ethical Hacking – Hands-on Training Part II course. If students really want good results, they should have already completed Part I of the Ethical Hacking – Hands-on Training before joining part II.

Part I taught students the basics of pentesting in order to increase their proficiency in ethical hacking. In Part II, students continue where they left off in Part I.

Part 2 of Ethical Hacking trains people to use white hat, gray hat, and black hat skills and provide cybersecurity professionals with the skills necessary to detect and defend against cyber attacks. Cyber security experts that utilize the NMap scripting engine and various hacking tools are trained to demonstrate advanced reconnaissance techniques.

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Sections include Web Application Attacks, Wireless Network Attacks, and Wireshark Fundamentals.

For the best experience in learning to become an ethical hacker or pentester, students should first complete the instructor’s ethical hacking series, starting with Ethical Hacking – Hands-On Training, Part I, and then proceed on to Part II.

This series culminates in the Ethical Hacking Capture the Flag Ethical Hacking – Hands-on Training Part II courses, where the student will learn how to apply and utilize all the techniques learned in the series.

Who this course is for:

  • Those wanting to learning the intermediate skills of pentesting.

Created by Prof. K
Last updated 4/2021
Size: 2.32 GB

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