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Ethical Hacking: SQL Injection for Beginners

Learn how to perform SQL injections by taking the Ethical Hacking: SQL Injection for Beginners udemy course


What is sql injection?

In a SQL injection attack, an attacker sends a specially crafted SQL query (statement) to a database server, which modifies the database as desired. When user input is improperly sanitized when being used in an SQL query, it results in a SQL injection.

It is possible to exploit the vulnerability by providing user input via the user interface, or by using hidden fields; however, any user input used for parameters such as a name or an id should also be validated to ensure that invalid input is not used.

SQL Injection: How does it work?

As a result of the vulnerability, an attacker could modify a parameter supplied by a user in order to run arbitrary SQL code or commands on the back-end database. Aside from the obvious ways to conduct this attack, there are several others.

What’s in this course

We will explore how SQL injection works by looking at a real-world example. An introductory SQL injection course for those who have never tried it before. With the completion of this Ethical Hacking: SQL Injection for Beginners course, you will be able to identify websites that are vulnerable to SQL injections, get data from web applications databases, and compromise databases.

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What you’ll learn

  • Find out if web app is vulnerable
  • Learn about the SQL language
  • Learn SQL injection
  • Grab data from web apps

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Ethical Hackers

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Last updated 8/2021
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