ETL Testing: From Beginner to Expert

ETL Testing: Essential course for all software testing professionals. Download The ETL Testing: From Beginner to Expert Udemy Course And Be An Expert.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the concepts of Business Intelligence Data warehousing
  • Get to know what is ETL Testing, QA Lifecycle and RDBMS Concepts
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of Data Warehouse WorkFlow and comparison between Database Testing and Data Warehouse Testing
  • Understand different ETL Testing scenarios like Constraint Testing, Source to Target Testing, Business Rules Testing, Negative Scenarios Testing, Dependency Testing, Error Handling Testing
  • Perform data Checks using SQL and understand the scope of BI Testing


  • Basic RDBMS Concepts
  • ETL Fundamentals
  • Data Warehouse Concepts


DW/BI/ETL Testing Training Course is made for both entry-level and sophisticated Programmers. The ETL Testing: From Beginner to Expert course consists of subjects connected to the structure of Data Warehouse with the principles, Dimensional Modeling and crucial elements of Dimensions, Facts and Slowly Changing Dimensions together with the DW/BI/ETL established, Database Testing Vs Data Warehouse Testing, Data Warehouse Workflow and Case Study, Data Checks utilizing SQL, Scope of BI testing and as a bonus offer you will likewise get the actions to establish the environment with the most popular ETL tool Informatica to carry out all the activities on your computer to get very first hand useful understanding.

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Who this course is for:

  • BI/ETL Developers
  • Testers who wish to get occupation on ETL Testing, to get more income and likewise who wish to get task rapidly.
  • IT experts with extremely standard understanding on Database principles
  • Project Managers, Database Professionals, Mainframe Professionals, SQL Developers
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