Direct Download Links?

No, DMCA issues! Using cloud storage or any other file hosting service will cause DMCA issues and soon they will be deleted on legal grounds right after every upload. TutCourse is not big, we can’t reupload every time a file is deleted. Torrents are good, be a good lad! Do not leech, It’s a matter of education, SEED WELL!!!

Seed not Available. Not able to download?

You cannot get help with that from TutCourse! Our torrents are seeded at a ratio of 100, sometimes even moreā€¦ #TIP: Subscribe to the push notifications to get earlier notice of newly posted courses. Grab them before they lose their seed-box! That’s it.

Do you read contact us messages?

Yes, we do… Each and every message! Better keep your requests away! Suggestions are always welcome!

Course Request?

Course requests made through email or our contact page are never addressed by the team! Almost every day we release new courses.

Note: Do not request courses below 2000 students enrolled.

When will my requested course be posted on TutCourse?

TutCourse analyzes bulk requests and rips courses accordingly. The more times a course is requested by too many users, that course will be posted first, so request once and leave, let others also request the same course. In the case of repeatedly requesting the same course on any request page or after a period of timTutCourse users. We hope you understand.

Course Posting Frequency?

The course posting times are not specific as we all have our own daily lives to live and struggle in. We sometimes leave the bulk ripping to the B0t while other times, we simply live our lives. Despite our best efforts, we cannot SiteRip Udemy and take a world tour! We suggest that you let Udemy’s platform and their valuable instructors take the ride for you, and let them earn a good amount of money from their courses.

Why don’t you post newly available courses on Udemy?

We are not pirates and we respect every instructor who gives their time and makes their course for a living and a living. It’s better for them to earn first

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