Functional-style Programming in Java using Lambdas & Streams

Learn to use Lambdas & Streams, as well as functional programming constructs, in Java to write elegant and efficient code in the Functional-style Programming in Java using Lambdas & Streams udemy course.  

What you’ll learn

  • Gain in-depth understanding of Lambdas, Method & Constructor References, and Functional Interfaces
  • Gain deep understanding of Streams and how to use them effectively
  • Get comfortable with Streams API & Stream Paradigm through challenging coding exercises
  • Learn to write elegant, concise and efficient Functional-style code
  • Learn best practices for using Lambdas & Streams


  • Basic understanding of Java is required
  • Demos are shown in Eclipse and so you should be able to follow along


When building software, it is extremely important to write elegant & readable code. It’s true that sometimes we have to refrain from using certain features of a programming language, and this was also the case with Java. Sometimes Java code was an abomination because it was wordy, which in turn made it nearly impossible to understand. Since Java 8 and subsequent releases, this has begun to change. As one of the major releases in the Java series, Java 8 introduced constructs such as lambdas & streams that allow functional-style programming to be applied to the language. The use of functional programming ensures that we write code that is clean, compact, and efficient.

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You will gain an in-depth understanding of Functional Programming in Java with this Functional-style Programming in Java using Lambdas & Streams course. You will learn about all the relevant features, such as Lambdas, Functional Interfaces, Methods and Constructor references, as well as Streams. This lesson will teach you how to write compact & clean code using declarative-style programming with Streams. A well-curated collection of well-thought-out, realistic examples is used to make every concept clear through nice illustrations and code demonstrations. There are several challenging coding exercises included helping you reinforce what you have learned and become comfortable with functional-style programming paradigm. The course features over 6 hours of high quality video lectures on a self-paced basis for lifetime access. A certificate is awarded upon course completion.

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers who are familiar with Java, but are either new or not comfortable with Java Functional Programming Constructs

Created by Dheeru Mundluru
Last updated 6/2021
Size: 3.1 GB

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