Neo4j: GraphDB Foundations with Cypher

Learn what a graph database is, gain the fundamental skills to use Neo4j on your next project. Free download this udemy course Neo4j: GraphDB Foundations with Cypher.

What you’ll learn

  • Explain graph database concepts
  • Set up Neo4j on a Windows or Mac machine
  • Retrieve real-time insights from application data
  • Create, update, and delete graph data via the Neo4j Browser
  • Join the Neo4j community


  • Must be capable at utilizing a PC, putting in new applications
  • Have a general comprehension of what a database is and how it very well may be utilized
  • In a perfect world have some past experience utilizing different sorts of databases


Figure out how a portion of the universes top tech organizations structure and question their information – utilizing diagram databases.

Through a progression of instructional exercises, this Neo4j: GraphDB Foundations with Cypher course takes you through the essentials of utilizing Neo4j – the world’s driving Graph Database and its question language Cipher. You’ll learn diagram database ideas, and increase down to earth aptitudes in utilizing Neo4j.

Before the finish of the Neo4j: GraphDB Foundations with Cypher course, you’ll have the option to unhesitatingly run various questions, and comprehend what a diagram database is.

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Here’s a blueprint of what you’ll realize in the Neo4j: GraphDB Foundations with Cypher course:

  • What is a Graph Database
  • Neo4j installation process
  • Question for Nodes and Relationships
  • Make, Update, Delete information
  • How Null functions in Neo4j
  • Step by step instructions to work with Paths in Neo4j

Notwithstanding learning the rudiments of Neo4j, you’ll locate various video practices that help you work on all that you learn en route.

Who this course is for:

  • Software developers that are sick of complex join queries, and are looking to simplify their architecture
  • Innovators that want to create the next social network, real-time recommendation engine, or other product that involves retrieving information from highly connected data points
  • Business analysts/marketers that wish to gain insights from in-house data

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Last updated 3/2020
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