Image Processing using OpenCV from Zero to Hero, 8 Projects

Learn how to process images with OpenCV and Python through practical and project-based projects udemy course.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn OpenCV with Python
  • 8 OpenCV Project
  • Image Processing with OpenCV
  • Image Translation
  • Smoothing Filters
  • Bitwise Operations and Masking
  • Convolution Process


  • Anyone who are beginner to Python


We wish you a very warm welcome to “Image Processing using OpenCV from Zero to Hero”!!

A wide range of applications in the current world can be found in the field of Image Processing, which is part of Data Science. There is a shortage of Data Scientists with these skills in many industries. Throughout the Image Processing using OpenCV from Zero to Hero, 8 Projects course, you will work on real-world projects. Upon completion of every module, you will complete the project. Throughout this article, I will discuss the basics and advanced techniques of image processing, including how to apply machine learning algorithms to images.


  • Image Basics
  • Drawings
  • Image Translation
  • Image Processing Techniques
  • Smoothing Filters
  • Filters
  • Graphical Use Interphase  (GUI) in OpenCV

Key Highlights in Section 1 to 7

Starting with very basics like loading, displaying images will be the focus of the Image Processing using OpenCV from Zero to Hero, 8 Projects course. By understanding the mathematics behind the images, we can understand how the images are generated. Additionally, I will teach you how to draw and how to create videos.

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Projects (Object Detection):

  1. Face Detection using Viola-Jones Algorithm
  2. Face Detection using Deep Neural Networks (SSD ResNet 10, Caffe Implementation)
  3. Real-Time Face Detection
  4. Facial Landmark Detection

Key Highlights in Section 8 to 11

Gradually, we will be moving into image processing concepts related to image transformations such as translation, reversal, rotation and cropping. As part of the OpenCV course, I will also cover arithmetic operations.

Project (Brightness Control):

  5. GUI based Brightness Control in Images

  6. Real-Time Brightness Control

Key Highlights in Section 12,13

I will introduce new concept of bitwise operations and masking in these sections, where you will learn about the truth table and different bitwise operations, such as “AND“, “OR“, “NOT“, “XOR“.

Key Highlights in Section 14

Our discussion will then move on to Smoothing Filter, which is an extremely important image processing technique. The following sections will describe how I smooth images using techniques such as average blur, gaussian blur, median blur, and bilateral filter.

These Image Processing using OpenCV from Zero to Hero, 8 Projects course materials, including Images, Data, and Jupyter Notebook, will be made available to you. Throughout this course, the code is written in a way that makes it easy to plug directly into the real-time scenarios and get the output. 

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I will see you inside the Image Processing using OpenCV from Zero to Hero, 8 Projects course!!!


Srikanth Guskra

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who are passionate to learn image Processing with OpenCV

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Last updated 7/2021
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