Job ready Flutter complete course with Firebase and Dart

You will master the art of building cross-platform applications using Flutter and Firebase on Android, iOS, and the web


The Flutter platform is gaining popularity day by day for those who follow the tech industry. There are many jobs associated with the new framework, but the supply of skilled developers is low. Now is the time for us to upgrade our skills and take advantage of the opportunities we have. This course covers everything from basic to advanced concepts, allowing you to begin your job search immediately.

A cross-platform application developed with Flutter has a single code base, and it is free and open-source. When you use Flutter and Firebase as your backend, you have a complete package for managing your applications. From cloud storage to real-time databases, to hosting to authentication services, Firebase will provide everything at one place and meet the needs of startups seamlessly.

What you will learn in this Course ?

  • Introduction to Dart language

       · Variables and data types

       · Conditional Statements

       · Understanding Loops

       · Declaring functions

       · Exception Handling

       · Classes and objects

       · Null Safety

  • Flutter In dept Concepts
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       · What are widgets

       · Stateless vs Stateful Widgets

       · Exploring various Widgets

       · What is a State

       · How to manage State

       · Navigation Concepts

       · Handling User Input

       · Asynchronous Programming

       · Handling REST API

       · Types of HTTP Requests

       · What are Models

  • Firebase Integration

       · Setup Firebase Project

       · Authenticate using Email Password

       · Google Sign In

       · Firestore Database

       · CRUD operations

       · Firebase Storage

       · Compress Image

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute Beginner
  • Flutter Enthusiast
  • Student
  • Working Professional

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