LaTeX for Professional Publications

Learn the basics of generating quality publications that effectively showcase your talent and skills.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the basics of creating a document in LaTex
  • Be able to import and layout graphics
  • Manage citations and references with bibliographies and bibliography styles
  • Format and number graphics, tables, and sections
  • Create well-formatted mathematical equations, algorithms, and proofs


  • You must be able to download and install software on your computer


This LaTeX for Professional Publications course is open to anyone who wants to learn how to create a professional quality, typeset publication. In addition to improving the aesthetic quality of your work, LaTeX users benefit from automating many of the tedious processes involved in writing a professional publication.

LaTeX allows you to manage references, figures, tables, footnotes, formatting, mathematical equations, algorithms, scientific proofs, and more in a programmatic fashion that provides benefits far exceeding that of word processing software.

Need to format a paper for a specific venue? Many academic journals and conferences provide LaTeX Style files (.sty) for correctly typesetting your submission. With one line of code, you can modify your publication to match the style of many leading academic publishing outlets.

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Not writing a paper? LaTeX can also be used for books, reports, technical and business documents, screenplays, resumes, letters … anything you want to write!

The LaTeX for Professional Publications course uses tools that are freely available online for Mac (Linux) and Windows users. Templates are included for download to get you started.

Who this course is for:

  • LaTeX beginners: no previous typesetting or programming experience required
  • Specifically geared to academic writers, but useful to anyone who wants to create professionally typeset documents
  • Graduate students, especially in math and science fields
  • Academic researchers
  • Anyone who writes!

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Last updated 9/2018
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