Make 3D and Virtual Reality Games with Unity

NEW! Beginner’s guide to game creation. This Make 3D and Virtual Reality Games with Unity udemy course does not require a VR headset.

What you’ll learn

  • How to place and transform different world geometries
  • How to add details, effects, and lighting
  • How to create and apply textures, layers, and materials
  • How to navigate Unity


  • No necessary experience required


This Unity course teaches the fundamentals of 3D game development. After finishing this Unity Game course, you may advance your knowledge with our Advanced Unity 3D Game Development course.

This Infinite Skills Unity Game Development training course covers the foundations of game design using the Unity engine. This lesson is intended for complete beginners; no prior knowledge of Unity is necessary.

You’ll begin by learning how to navigate the Unity interface and control objects in the editor. You’ll be putting what you’ve learned in this Unity Game video training course to quick use by building a game called Coconut Hut. Robert demonstrates how to import game assets, apply physics to game objects, and combine components to create complex things. You’ll create behaviors, learn to write Boo, JavaScript, and C# scripts, add animation, and handle the game’s lighting. Finally, you’ll render and create the game so that it can be distributed.

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After watching this Game Development with Unity video lesson, you’ll have a firm grip on the principles required to create a playable game using the Unity engine. The author’s working files are supplied, so you may follow along with him throughout the lectures.

Who this course is for:

  • Complete beginners with no prior experience
  • Game programmers who want to get into level design
  • Experienced game developers who want to brush up their skills

Created by Mammoth Interactive, John Bura
Last updated 8/2021
Size: 4.0 GB

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