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Microsoft Excel – Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

Master 75+ Excel formulas with hands-on demos from a best-selling Microsoft Excel instructor (Excel ’07 – Excel 2019)

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to THINK like Excel, and write powerful and dynamic Excel formulas from scratch
  • Automate, streamline, and completely revolutionize your workflow with Excel
  • Master unique tips, tools and case studies that you won’t find in ANY other course, guaranteed
  • Explore fun, interactive, and highly effective lessons from a best-selling Excel instructor
  • Get LIFETIME access to project files, quizzes, homework exercises, and 1-on-1 expert support
  • Build Excel formulas to analyze dates, text fields, values and arrays


  • Microsoft Excel 2007 – 2019 or Office 365 (Some features may not be available in earlier versions)
  • Experience with Excel formulas is recommended, but not required (we’ll review some of the fundamentals)


See why this is among the TOP-RATED Excel courses on Udemy:

” One of the very best Excel courses I’ve ever taken. You can see through his videos how enthusiastic he has to do with Excel. Thanks for this amazing course, and count me in for the next ones!”

  • Julio Garcia

” This is an extremely important course. The information is crucial with examples of finest practices from a real Excel professional. Chris Dutton can teach!”

  • Barbara S.

” Chris Dutton is an EXPERT in Excel. He makes understandable to the student the complex (often super-complex) nature of the formulas he utilizes. Whatever that is written at the course description, although it might appear pure marketing and promotion initially look, is certainly real. If I might rank it greater I definitively would. THANKS Chris!”

  • Bruno Ricardo Silva Pinho
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It’s time to reveal Excel who’s boss. Whether you’re beginning with a fresh start or desiring end up being an outright Excel power user, you’ve pertained to the ideal location.

This course will provide you a deep understanding of the sophisticated Excel formulas and functions that change Excel from a basic spreadsheet program into a dynamic and useful analytics tool. While a lot of Excel courses concentrate on merely what each formula does, I teach through hands-on, contextual examples designed to display why these formulas are incredible and how they can be used in a variety of methods. I will not train you to throw up functions and formula syntax; I will teach you how to THINK like Excel.

By the end of the course you’ll be writing robust, stylish formulas and functions from scratch, permitting you to:

  • Quickly build dynamic tools & Excel control panels to filter, display screen and examine your data
  • Go rogue and design your own formula-based Excel formatting guidelines
  • Sign up with datasets from numerous sources with Excel’s LOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH functions
  • Pull real-time data from APIs directly into Excel (weather condition, stock quotes, instructions, and so on).
  • Manipulate dates, times, text, and selections.
  • Automate laborious and lengthy jobs utilizing cell formulas and functions in Excel (no VBA needed!).
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We’ll dive into a broad variety of Excel formulas & functions, consisting of:.

  • Lookup/Reference functions.
  • Analytical functions.
  • Formula-based format.
  • Date & Time functions.
  • Rational operators.
  • Selection formulas.
  • Text functions.
  • Web scraping with WEBSERVICE & FILTERXML.


What offers you the right to teach this class? Can’t I simply Google these things?

I have a real enthusiasm for Excel that many people reserve for things like kittens, ice cream, and better halves. The only thing I enjoy more than discovering Excel is teaching it. As the creator of Excel Maven and Maven Analytics, I’ve been fortunate enough to teach Excel to 200,000+ students throughout 180+ nations. My mentor design is conversational, genuine, and to the point, and I will continuously interact with intricate concepts in a framework that is clear and simple to understand.

As a full-time analytics specialist and Excel trainer, I cut my teeth utilizing Excel to fix real-world company issues and develop acclaimed analytics & data visualization tools for Fortune 500 businesses. If you appreciate creds, I’m a card-carrying MOS Certified Excel Expert, and Microsoft and the New York Times have included my work. Ok, so I do not bring the card. However, you understand.

If you’re searching for the ONE course with all of the sophisticated Excel formulas and functions that you require to understand to end up being an outright Excel ninja, you’ve discovered it.

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See you in there!

  • Chris (Founder, Maven Analytics).


A lot of students in this course register in our complete EXCEL LEARNING PATH, designed to assist you build a deep, expert-level Excel capability:.

  1. Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions (you are here).
  2. Data Visualization with Excel Charts & Graphs.
  3. Data Analysis with Excel PivotTables.
  4. Excel Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX.
  5. Excel Pro Tips for Power Users.

Trying to find the complete company intelligence stack? Look for “Maven Analytics” to search our complete course library, consisting of Excel, Power BI, MySQL, and Tableau courses!

NOTE: Full course consists of downloadable resources and Excel job files, homework and course tests, lifetime gain access to, and a 30-day money-back assurance. A lot of lectures suitable for Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019, or Office 365.

Who this course is for:.

  • Excel users who have fundamental abilities however wish to get truly, REALLY excellent.
  • Anybody wanting to broaden their analytics capability, work more effectively with data, and take their profession to a brand-new level.
  • Students searching for an appealing, hands-on, and extremely interactive technique to Excel analytics training.
  • Excel users aiming to build strong analytical thinking and company intelligence abilities.
  • Anybody seeking to pursue a profession in data analysis or service intelligence.

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Last updated 12/2018

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