Music Theory for Electronic Music COMPLETE: Parts 1, 2, & 3

Electronic music theory, digital music theory, and dance music theory. Learn music theory with ableton live and more!

What you’ll learn

  • By the end of this Music Theory for Electronic Music COMPLETE: Parts 1, 2, & 3 course, you will have improved your tracks by understanding how to build chords and melodies that work together.
  • Understand and apply minor chords
  • Use the circle of fifths to generate new ideas for your own tracks
  • Work within minor keys to write compelling melodies and basslines
  • The Piano Roll editor
  • Octaves
  • Using Octaves in Bass Lines
  • The Black Keys (not the band!)
  • Finding C and Middle C
  • The Perfect 5th
  • Finding Fifths
  • Being “in key”
  • The pattern of a key
  • Moveable Patterns
  • The major and minor third
  • Building triads
  • Chord progressions
  • What is diatonic?
  • Finding all the chords in a key
  • Using roman numerals
  • Inversions
  • 7th chords
  • Maj7 and minor 7th chords
  • Dominant 7th chords
  • Blues and the 7th chord
  • Analysis: Shame On Me (Avicii)
  • Minor scales
  • Relative keys
  • Minor diatonic chord progressions
  • Analysis: Ghosts N Stuff (Deadmau5)
  • Changing keys in your track
  • Analysis: Get Luck (Daft Punk)
  • 9th and 13th chords
  • Suspended Chords
  • Writing melodies for chord progressions
  • Writing chord progressions for melodies
  • Bass lines
  • Analysis: Windowlicker (Aphex Twin)
  • Modes
  • How modes work
  • Producing with Modes
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • Chromatic Mediants
  • Creating music with music theory
  • Exotic scales


  • Students should be enthusiastic about music, but do not need to be producers or musicians. No prior experience is needed in music theory, production, or recording.
  • Access to a DAW: any program will do. (GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools, Ardour, FL Studio, Ableton Live, etc.)
  • Although Ableton Live is used in the class, students do not need to be Live users. But they should have access to some kind of audio program with MIDI sequencing. Garageband, Logic, or several free pieces of software all work great.
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This course is “5-Star Certified” by the International Association of Online Music Educators and Institutions (IAOMEI). This Music Theory for Electronic Music COMPLETE: Parts 1, 2, & 3 course has actually been individually examined by a panel of specialists and has actually gotten an excellent 5-star ranking.


This course is a mix of all 3 of my Music Theory for Electronic Musicians classes: Music Theory for Electronic Musicians, and Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 2, and Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 3.

In this class we discover how to deal with the piano roll editor in a DAW to make consistencies, tunes, and entire tracks, and after that we broaden on those concepts and deal with harmonic patterns (consistency) that is more abundant than simply significant and small.

Production Techniques Through Theory The most fundamental part of this class is a comprehensive venture into utilizing these methods in real tracks. I’ll be producing 9 tracks through this class, right in addition to you, each utilizing a various method so you can see precisely how I integrate it right into my music.

Complete Sessions After each production project, I’ll offer you the entire session of what I used the strategies for you to have fun with. You can download it, broaden on it, re-work it, and even release it as your work.

If you are discovering that you are writing track after track, and while they sound great, there is something they are missing – then this it. In this class, I’ll equip you with all the tools you require to produce those tracks simply like you picture them.

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Who should take this course?
Anybody thinking about producing their own music. This will get you up and running and provide your tracks a special noise in no time.

This Music Theory for Electronic Music COMPLETE: Parts 1, 2, & 3 course includes video lectures, which all include a session in Ableton Live 9. If you are utilizing the various programs (or none at all), no concerns! This isn’t a class on how to utilize Ableton Live, and the principles can be applied to any DAW.

A few of the detailed guides in this course will be:

  • Discovering notes, chords, and keys in your audio program
  • The 7 intervals and how to put them together
  • The steps to finding the key of your track (or any track!).
  • The most typical chord progressions.
  • The steps to utilizing inversions to take your track from great to remarkable.
  • The 4 kinds of 7th chords.
  • The leading strategies for writing a tune to fit a chord progression (and vice-versa!).
  • The 7 modes and their usages.
  • 19 Exotic scales and how to utilize them (consist of MIDI files!).

The course is a roadmap to discovering the missing piece in your tracks, or simply beginning making terrific tracks.

All the tools you require to make, produce, and begin your music profession are consisted of in this Music Theory for Electronic Music COMPLETE: Parts 1, 2, & 3 course and the whole course is based upon real-life experiences – not simply scholastic theory.

Please click the “Download Course” button so you can begin making excellent tracks today.

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** I ensure that this course is the most comprehensive music theory course offered ANYWHERE on the market – or your cash back (30 day cash back assurance) **.

Closed captions have actually been contributed to all lessons in this course.


Applaud for Courses by Jason Allen:.

⇢ “It appears like every little information is being covered in a very easy fashion. The knowing procedure ends up being relaxed and enables the complicated ideas to get obsorbed quickly.

⇢ “Great for everybody with no understanding up until now. I purchased all 3 parts … It’s the very best financial investment in leveling up my abilities up until now.” – Z. Palce.

⇢ “Excellent descriptions! No more or less than what is required.” – A. Tóth.

⇢ “VERY COOL. I’ve waiting for years to see an excellent video course, now I do not have to wait any longer.

⇢ “I am finding out LOTS! And I truly like having the worksheets!” – A. Deichsel.

⇢ “The fundamentals described extremely plainly – loads of truly beneficial ideas!” – J. Pook.

⇢ “Jason is actually fast and fantastic with concerns, constantly a terrific resource for an online class!” M. Smith.


Trainees who sign up for this Music Theory for Electronic Music COMPLETE: Parts 1, 2, & 3 course will get continuous unique material and discount rates to all future classes in the series.

Who this course is for:.

  • Anybody in any nation who is ready to begin enhancing their tracks by finding out whatever they require to understand about how music theory works and how to make excellent tracks TODAY.
  • No experience reading notes needed.

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