Practical MEAN stack Mastery course

Learn how to use MongoDB, Angular, Express, NodeJS, and Bootstrap to create a comprehensive project from start to finish.

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll learn everything there is to know about the MEAN stack.
  • Everything, including debugging abilities, will be taught in a practical, hands-on manner.
  • You’ll learn how to make a RESTful API with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB.
  • You will create an application using Angular and Bootstrap and combine it with RESTful APIs.


  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all required for this project.


This is a hands-on, practical full-stack course. It covers all of the fundamentals necessary to begin developing end-to-end applications with MEAN stack technologies. The Practical MEAN stack Mastery course is designed so that you may learn everything by putting the principles into practice through a project-based approach.

This Practical MEAN stack Mastery course covers the following topics:

  • What is mongoDB and how do I install it?
  • Different NoSQL ideas
  • Implementation of different queries on the mongoDB client by hand
  • Getting Git Bash to Work
  • Making github repositories and installing them locally
  • Setting up and installing the code editor
  • Getting Node.js to Work
  • Learn all there is to know about nodejs and the npm package management.
  • Various npm packages are installed.
  • What is ExpressJS and how does it work?
  • How to get started with Express JS and writing RESTful APIs
  • How to link your MongoDB APIs to Express APIs
  • How to use mongoose to build MongoDB schemas
  • Hands-on project to create a CRUD operation
  • What exactly is the Angular framework?
  • How do you make an Angular project?
  • In an Angular project, how do you construct components?
  • In an Angular project, how do you construct services?
  • Using Bootstrap in an Angular application and installing it
  • Angular application consumes RESTful APIs
  • In an Angular application, dynamic routing is used.
  • Form submission in an Angular application
  • Validation of forms in an Angular application
  • In an Angular application, parsing JSON data
  • You’ll learn how to utilize POSTMAN to test RESTful APIs.
  • Both frontend and backend projects’ code has been committed and pushed to a github repository.
  • You’ll discover a variety of concepts and approaches that will not only assist you in developing any MEAN stack application, but will also assist you in preparing for your MEAN stack interview.
  • You will receive the whole source code for both the frontend and backend of the project.
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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to become fullstack developer using MEAN stack

Created by Ranjan Pandey
Last updated 8/2021
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