Python Django 2022 – Complete Course

Learn how to create awesome websites using Python and Django by taking the Python Django 2021 – Complete Course!

What you’ll learn

  • How to Build a Django website from start to finish
  • User Registration and Authentication
  • Hosting a website on a live server
  • Building out a REST API
  • Build a review and voting system
  • Search & Pagination
  • Designing databases with Django
  • How to send emails with Django



About this course

Interested in learning Django? The goal of this Python Django 2021 – Complete Course is to teach you the fundamentals of Django in order to create and deploy a fully functional website.

It is intended that the website we will build as we learn will serve as a platform for developers all over the world to create profiles and share their work.

Who is this course for?

This Python Django 2021 – Complete Course is designed for beginners, but all levels can benefit from it. In addition to learning the basics, we will put what we have learnt into practice by adding free features such as messaging other users, leaving reviews, rating projects, and so much more. Each student will leave this course with new knowledge and thinking about completing tasks in a more creative way.

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The more advanced users and those who have already developed some applications can simply skim through the material or fast-forward to the meat of the presentation. During the second half of the Python Django 2021 – Complete Course, we will work on a voting system, messaging, sending emails, and even building an API. Regardless of whether you’ve already done these things, you can create an awesome website by using a new approach.

Is Django the right framework for you?

Django, the top Python framework, is the top programming language of the world. That pretty much says it all. Programming languages like Python are among the best on the planet. Django will be the right choice for you in most cases even though I can see the appeal of a more lightweight framework like flask. Beginners will appreciate the structure and numerous modules/packages to work with. Advanced developers will appreciate the highly customizable nature. In my opinion, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, and Udemy are good examples of companies that use Django as proof of its credibility and capabilities.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python developers looking to build websites with django

Created by Dennis Ivy
Last updated 7/2021
Size: 7.0 GB

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