React Native: Advanced Concepts

Learn advanced topics of React Native: Animations, Maps, Notifications, Navigation, and More!

What you’ll learn

  • Make compelling applications using expert-level features of React Native
  • Create amazingly smooth and performant animations
  • Build new React Native apps with Expo
  • Learn the latest navigation options for React Native apps.
  • Add logic to your Firebase backend with Google Cloud Functions
  • Update your users with cross-platform Push Notifications
  • Handle your users going offline with Redux Persist



Note: This React Native: Advanced Concepts course assumes you have some basic knowledge of React Native.  I recommend my course ‘The Complete React Native and Redux’ as a great preparation!

Explore React Native beyond the basics!  Learn advanced topics that can help you build a #1 best-selling app.

Push Notifications? You will learn it.  In Depth Animations? Included.  Offline Data PersistenceOf course!


What Will You Build?

My React Native: Advanced Concepts courses emphasize learning by doing: no boring endless lectures with Powerpoints, only live, interactive coding examples.  As we proceed through the React Native: Advanced Concepts course, we will create three apps with increasing complexity, each showcasing different aspects of React Native.  You will gain a better understanding of the power and limitations of each unique feature by applying the concepts in a real app.

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1) Create a Tinder-like Swipe Deck. Oh yes, the classic animated component!  We’ll create a beautiful stack of cards that a user can swipe through by flicking right or left to like or dislike something.  During this warmup, you will learn how to interpret touch input with the PanResponder system, move elements with the Animated module, and turn to extrapolate animation values with the Interpolation system.

2) Dive into the backend with One Time Password authentication. Have you ever had to sign in with a code that was texted to you?  One Time Passwords are a new authentication method that utilizes a user’s phone number as their unique identifier.  In order to verify a user’s identity, we will use the Twilio API to send them a text message, all while securing its business logic in Firebase’s new Google Cloud Functions.

3) Your own Job-Search app.  Tinder for jobs!The app is 100% functional!  We will build an app with a full tutorial for new users, as well as Facebook authentication and map components.  The user will be presented with a list of jobs based on their location by leveraging Indeed’s Job API, followed by an invitation to apply to those they like.

Both OSX and Windows supported – develop iOS or Android!

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Here’s what we’ll learn:

  • Learn the theory and practice of implementing complex Animation systems
  • Bootstrap your app using the new Expo platform
  • Navigate your user around using React-Navigation
  • Engage your users with automated Push Notifications
  • Enhance authentication flows in your app with One Time Passwords with Twilio
  • Increase your app’s reliability with Offline Data Persistence
  • Educate your users on how to use your app with Welcome Tutorial pages
  • Authenticate your users using Facebook OAuth
  • Go beyond the mobile front end with Google Cloud Functions: Add custom logic to your Firebase backend
  • Locate your users with cross-platform MapView components

I’ve created a React Native: Advanced Concepts course that I should have taken when I was just learning React Native. In this React Native: Advanced Concepts course, the concepts and how they are implemented will be explained in a way that will help you learn and understand them deeply.

Who this course is for:

  • This React Native: Advanced Concepts course is for anyone looking to learn advanced topics of React Native

Created by Stephen Grider
Last updated 4/2021
Size: 2.26 GB

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