React Next.js Node API AWS – Build Scaling MERN Stack App

Learn how to use AWS for storage (S3), email (SES), hosting (EC2), IAM, and more to create a highly scalable MERN Stack app.

What you’ll learn

  • Web Development using React JS (Frontend)
  • Learn how to utilize Next Js, a production-ready React framework.
  • Learn how to develop Node JS APIs (backend).
  • Learn how to create a highly scalable app.
  • Learn how to upload files to AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service).
  • Learn how to send emails using AWS SES (Simple Email Service).
  • Learn how to host your app in the cloud with AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud).
  • Learn how to manage domains and DNS with AWS Route 53.
  • Learn how to utilize Amazon Web Services Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) (Identity & Access Management)
  • Learn how to create custom rules and policies for using AWS services.
  • Learn how to utilize Mongo Atlas as a cloud-based managed database.
  • Learn how to use Next Js to create SEO-friendly React Apps.
  • Learn to Create Full Stack / MERN Stack Apps from Scratch in the Real World
  • Discover how to set up a secure JWT-based authentication system.
  • Learn how to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) (create read update delete)
  • Learn how to resize images on the client’s side.
  • Learn how to use the Rich Text Editor.
  • In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use infinite scrolling.
  • Learn how to use View Count and how to add more features to your website.
  • Learn how to create a multi-user platform.
  • How to Use the Mass Emailing Feature
  • For New Startups, Learn How to Create a Robust Web App
  • User Login/Registration/Activation/Password Forgot/Reset
  • Learn how to write clean code with an app architecture that is simple to maintain.
  • Learn how to create an application that will continue to grow indefinitely in the future.


  • Basic Understanding JavaScript
  • Basic Understanding of React Js
  • Basic Understanding of Node Js


Master the skill of utilizing MERN Stack to create a highly scalable real-world project for a new business that will scale indefinitely. I’ll show you how to start a project with a strong architecture that can scale up and be utilized by millions of people in the future.

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Tech stack

  • On the client side, we’ll use React and NextJS (React Framework).
  • We’ll use Node Express MongoDB to create an API/server.
  • We’ll utilize AWS services like S3 for file storage, SES for email delivery, and EC2 for cloud hosting, as well as IAM for identity and access control and Route 53 for domain administration, as well as custom rules and policies.
  • Mongo Atlas will be used as a cloud-based Managed Database Service.

What we will build?

  • Build a startup idea based on a successful real-world software (covered further in the lectures) that allows multiple users to log in and post/manage content.
  • While working on a comparable project, we’ll make a few tweaks to make it infinitely scalable and maintainable.
  • Aim for a cheap cost of operation and incorporate various functions to make the user experience much easier, entertaining, and engaging.

Aim of the project

  • Target millions of potential users to encourage them to download and utilize our software.
  • Users might be anyone who discovers a React Next.js Node API AWS – Build Scaling MERN Stack App course, movie, or article online, like it, and wants to share it with others.
  • They’ll be able to edit and delete the links they share on their dashboard.
  • Instructors, youtubers, blog and tutorial writers, book authors, and other content creators are examples of users.
  • Users will register/login to our app in order to post, share, and like links/urls.
  • Users will do this in order to obtain free traffic… to attract attention… and to share links for free.

Overview of the project

  • System for logging in and registering
  • I’m looking for a MongoDB that can scale indefinitely. For this need, we’ll utilize Mongo Atlas.
  • To store user-uploaded picture files, you’ll need a large storage system that can expand indefinitely. For this, we’ll utilize Amazon Web Services’ S3 (Simple Storage Service).
  • You’ll never have to worry about how to manage millions of user-uploaded files again… AWS will handle it for you! S3 pricing is the most affordable in the industry for storing an unlimited quantity of data in AWS data centers all over the world.
  • For sending emails to hundreds of thousands of people, you’ll need a reliable email provider. For this need, we will utilize AWS SES (Simple Email Service).
  • You’ll never have to worry about how to send email to millions of people while paying a higher price because AWS will handle it for you! Their SES rate is the lowest in the industry.
  • We’ll be hosting both our backend NodeJS API and our frontend React/Next JS frontend on AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud).
  • Use AWS services for storage, email, and hosting to keep costs as low as feasible.
  • Storage and database scalability are the two most difficult aspects of growing web programs. AWS will be in charge of this. As a result, we don’t have to be concerned as developers.
  • Our goal is for only one or two developers to be able to maintain the entire project and continue to improve it in the future.
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Clean simple and easy to maintain project architecture

  • Extremely basic architecture that is straightforward to scale and maintain
  • Easy development, code maintenance, and deployment thanks to a separate backend API and frontend developed using react/nextjs.
  • Maintain as little complexity as possible on the frontend.
  • Scenario 1: You develop a react page to do a certain activity. It may, for example, get data from your API/Server and display it on a web page for users to see. The task has been completed.
  • Scenario 2: To create a new post, you build an admin page. For example, you might send data to your API/Server and display the success or failure answer. The task has been completed.
  • Maintain as little complexity as possible in the backend API.
  • Scenario 1: You’ve set up a GET request. ‘/api/posts,’ for example. React/frontend will send you a request to fetch all posts from the database.
  • This request is sent to a controller function. The controller method/function will do a database query, retrieve all posts, and then return to react/frontend. The task has been completed.
  • Scenario 2 > You’re using a POST method. ‘/api/create/post,’ for example. To create a new post, you will get data from react/frontend. That information is sent to a controller method.
  • The controller method/function will save the data in the database and provide a success response, which will be delivered back to the react method/function. The task has been completed.
  • This is the logic of our program, as well as any other online app. The requests/responses cycle. The frontend makes a request, and the server responds.
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Are you ready for this course?

  • This React Next.js Node API AWS – Build Scaling MERN Stack App course is for you if you want to use your previous understanding of react and node to develop a real-world app that scales.
  • You may use this project to create the next great thing you’ve always wanted. You may also use this expertise to assist entrepreneurs in launching their successful company concepts. The options are limitless.

Unless you make an effort to make it real, a dream is just that: a dream. Make an effort by enrolling in this React Next.js Node API AWS – Build Scaling MERN Stack App course. I will assist you in making your goal a reality. Join me in this React Next.js Node API AWS – Build Scaling MERN Stack App course and help me make it a reality!

Who this course is for:

  • A Web Developer looking to Build Professional Full Stack / MERN Stack App for Real World
  • A Web Developer looking to Build an App that can Scale Infinitely in Future
  • A Web Developer looking to utilize powerful services provided by AWS
  • A Web Developer looking to start a new project for him/her self or for a new startups

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