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Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity

With Kali Linux & Metasploit, you can protect yourself, gain the hottest new job skills, and understand what the bad guys are thinking!

What you’ll learn

  • Secure your computer, your network, and your data from 99% of all attacks on the Internet.
  • Test for security vulnerabilities using the tricks the bad guys use.
  • Find and fix weaknesses and harden your computer’s security.
  • Avoid phishing, viruses, ransomware, and online scams.
  • Keep yourself safe online, at home, at school, or at work.


  • You should feel comfortable installing new software.
  • Some experience entering commands in the Linux, Mac, or Windows command-line terminal is helpful.
  • A PC, Mac, or Linux computer with up to 100 GB of free disk space to set up your FREE virtual lab.
  • No programming experience required.


★★★★★ We’re running the best hands-on cybersecurity and ethical hacking course in the world! Join over 7,500 students today!★★★★★

This new and updated version supports VirtualBox 6.1 and Kali 2020.2 and later! With over 1,000,000 cybersecurity jobs opening this year, Ethical Hacking is one of the fastest-growing and best-paying careers today! Learn practical, useful cybersecurity step-by-step from Computer Science Professor Dr. Bryson Payne, a SANS|GIAC Certified Pen Tester (GPEN), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and author of the Amazon #1 New Release and Top 10 Best Seller in Children’s Programming Books, Teach Your Kids to Code (2015, No Starch Press) and his latest book, Hacking for Kids (2020, No Starch Press). In addition, Payne is the Director of the Center for Cyber Operations Education at the University of North Georgia, where he also directs the National Cyber Warrior Academy summer program.

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Update 2020: Pre-order Dr. Payne’s new book, “Hacking for Kids” on Amazon now!

Give Yourself a Huge Advantage in a High-Tech World

  • Quickly master new hands-on skills in Linux, Windows and Android hacking and cybersecurity.
  • Set up your own safe, FREE virtual network and VM (virtual machine) lab for Ethical Hacking on your PC, Mac, and Linux.
  • Protect yourself from viruses, phishing, ransomware, and other attacks by learning how the bad guys work, and how to stop them.
  • Includes Mobile Hacking on your own Android VM, plus Car Hacking using can-utils and ICSim on Kali Linux.
  • Great for beginners, or for capable computer users who want to learn both how and why to secure their data.
  • Learn to fix vulnerabilities, and how to stop 85% of attacks by doing just four things

This is the security course everyone should take!

In this Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity course, students will learn real-world examples, hacking techniques, and a clear explanation of how to practice ethical hacking. Real-World Ethical Hacking helps them build one of the most valuable skills of the 21st century. The U.S. alone has over 1,000,000 cybersecurity jobs posted this year, and over 6 Million more are expected in the next few years. Cyber skills need to be up-to-date! 

This Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity course is intended to be easily understood by beginners. I used examples from my information security courses at college and my cyber summer camps at high schools as examples. It is the perfect course for those seeking a career change, for those seeking to add skills to their resume for a raise, or for beginners just getting started!

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You can complete ethical hacking exercises in minutes following a series of four-to-ten-minute lessons. Featuring over 75 video lectures and over 8 hours of content, you’ll develop powerful new skills in cybersecurity and penetration testing! Avoid social engineering, phishing, online attacks, ransomware, and more – protect your identity, your computer, your information, and more! The following skills are also helpful:

  • Retrieve files from an old computer (Mac or PC, laptop or desktop), even if you’ve forgotten the password
  • Set up a virtual “sandbox” to safely open suspicious files without exposing your “real” computer
  • Learn command-line short-cuts and power tools that make you look like a computer wizard!
  • Understand how viruses and backdoors infect your computer AND phone, and how to stop them!

Everything you need to get started right away

All FREE online resources (VirtualBox, Kali Linux, and LEGAL, FREE copies of Windows 10 and Android virtual machines), as well as high-definition videos – allow you to learn alongside a professor with almost 20 years’ experience teaching at the university level. A Certificate of Completion will also be provided after you complete the Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity course.

Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee when you enroll – no risk, unlimited payoff! Preview videos from Sections 1, 2, and 4 for FREE now! We’ve made this Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity course affordable, so anyone can sign up right away!

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Get started protecting yourself, your family, and business now, by signing up for this Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity course!

*****The bonus section on Car Hacking shows how to perform a Replay Attack on your car’s Controller Area Network (CAN) using a $20-$70 cable and Kali Linux running CANsniffer and CANplayer! *****

Praise for Dr. Payne’s courses on Udemy:

★★★★★ “Inspire – …An inspiring Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity course taught by an inspiring teacher. The examples are well-chosen — demonstrating principles through engaging, colorful projects rather than teaching abstract principles first… — Kent Osband, Udemy student

★★★★★ Clear examples… Bryson’s delivery is well paced and good fun. — Sean Jon Darcy, Udemy student

★★★★★ “Dr. Bryson Payne is a computer scientist and professor of the highest caliber… he brings the power of computers within easy reach for learners young and old.”—Dr. Antonio Sanz Montemayor, Informatics Professor, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to protect their information, their family, their business, or their country from online attacks.
  • If you want to learn useful, real-world ethical hacking skills, this is the Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity course for you.
  • This is NOT a certification Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity course, but most skills will transfer to CEH, OSCP, and other hands-on certifications.
  • Perfect for beginners, or for competent computer users who want to learn how and why to protect themselves online.

Created by Bryson Payne
Last updated 7/2020
Size: 7.5 GB

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