Sketching for UX Designers

You probably think of digital aspects of UX design when you think of UX design. However, sketching by hand is a crucial skill in UX design that is frequently overlooked. Sketching can often reveal aspects of your ideas that will make your designs more engaging and assist you in exploring and communicating new ideas that will result in real benefits.

This course with UX designer Matt Corrall is for anybody who works in or wants to learn more about UX design. You don’t need to be an expert sketcher or have any unique creative skill since he starts with the fundamentals of drawing. Matt walks you through his personal drawing approach at work, deconstructs several sketching techniques, and discusses why and when to utilize them.

He also includes some design and drawing activities that you may do on your own to improve your skills. Grab some pencils and paper and join Matt in this course if you’re wanting to learn new techniques to extend, inspire, and improve your UX design projects and process.

Instructor: Matt Corrall
Size: 1.7 GB
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