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SQL Injections Unlocked – SQLi Web

Whether Inband or Inferential / Manual or Automated , Be able to perform all types of SQL Injection Attacks Successfully

What you’ll learn

  • SQL Language Basics
  • Defending SQLi Attacks
  • Union Based SQL Injection
  • Error Based SQL Injection
  • Boolean Based SQL Injection
  • Time Based SQL Injection
  • Semi-Automated SQLi Tools
  • Automated SQL Injections


  • A device with Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Understand the Basic Web Terminologies


“Knowledge is Power” Right? Actually Wrong.
In fact “The Ability to apply that Knowledge is Power!”.

If you want to master hacking, the fastest way to become an expert is to deeply analyze vulnerabilities. SQL injection is one of the top 10 most common injections in the world, so this could be a great start to getting there.

Complete SQL + Databases Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery [2021]

  1. SQL Injection is a type of injection attack that makes it possible to execute malicious SQL statements.
  2. Exploiting this vulnerability can result in adding, modification, or even deletion of the records in the target’s database.
  3. FUN FACT – A very large number of websites (about 8% literally) are still vulnerable to SQLi Vulnerability!

Master SQL For Data Science

How can this course help?

  • Goes beyond Automations where you learn the actual Reasoning & Logic behind the Attacks.
  • Detect and Escape those Security controls or Restrictions that even Automated tools can not Detect most of the time.
  • Essentially, this would be the Last SQL Injections Unlocked – SQLi Web Attacks course of SQL Injections that you would ever need for your whole life.
  • Expect Frequent & Regular Updates whenever needed on the SQL Injections Unlocked – SQLi Web Attacks course with New Latest contents & Restrictions Bypassed.
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[Download] The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course

Who this course is for:

  • Definitely and by no-doubt, this SQL Injections Unlocked – SQLi Web Attacks course is for You
  • Aspiring Web Hackers willing to learn specifically about SQLIs
  • Bug Hunting Experts willing to Sharpen their SQL Injection skills.

Created by Avinash Yadav
Last updated 3/2021
Size: 827.56 MB

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