SQLite Databases | Python Programming: (Build App and API

Develop a database-driven application and API with Python and SQLite by downloading the SQLite Databases | Python Programming: (Build App and API udemy course.

What you’ll learn

  • Build an app with Python and SQLIte
  • Build an API from scratch
  • Create and activate a virtual environment
  • Create database and table
  • Create application Graphical User Interface -GUI
  • Connect Python application GUI to SQLite Database
  • Perform CRUD Operations from app GUI
  • Query and fetch data from a database table
  • Sort data returned from a database
  • SQLite Operators
  • Add new records into a table
  • Python Variables and Conditional Statements
  • Python Functions and Loops
  • Python Dictionary and Lists


  • A Computer with internet connection is required.


An alternative to SQL is the software library SQLLite, which offers a relational database management system. SQLite’s lite attribute denotes its light weight when it comes to setup, database administration, and resource requirements.  Servers are not required to run SQLite.

Since Serverless is a serverless architecture, SQLite doesn’t need to be installed to be used. Configuration, starting, and stopping of the server process are not required. Dynamic types are used by SQLLite for tables. In other words, you can store any value in any column, regardless of the data type.

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Due to its self-contained nature, SQLLite requires minimal support from the operating system or external libraries. The low memory bloat makes SQLite suitable for embedded devices including phones, computers, game consoles, and players like iPhones, Androids, etc.

With SQLLite, you can create in-memory databases that are very fast to work with.

Integrated with the application that accesses the database is the SQLite database. The applications communicate with the SQLite database by reading and writing directly to the database files stored on disk.

Object-oriented programming languages like Python are dynamic and easy to learn, and can handle a wide variety of tasks both large and small. High level programming languages such as Python are referred to as Python. Thus, it is an artificial language that is closer to human speech than to computer speech. The flexibility of this programming language makes it a general purpose programming language as well.

The Python programming language is popular and versatile. Among its uses are web development (server-side) to create web applications, software development, mathematics, system scripting, data science, and data visualization. It is possible to create workflows using Python in conjunction with software. Connecting to database systems is possible with Python. As well as reading and editing files, it can also create them. Using Python, complex mathematics can be performed and big data can be handled. A rapid prototyping solution or a production-ready solution can be developed in Python.

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Despite its versatility, Python is compatible with many platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, etc). Python has a similar syntax to English. The Python programming language has a syntax that allows developers to write programs with fewer lines than other programming languages. Unlike other programming languages, Python operates on an interpreter, which means that code can be executed immediately after being written. The prototyping process can be very quick as a result. There are several ways to approach Python, including procedural, Object-Oriented, and Functional.

Our hands-on course will use SQLite and Python to build a database-driven application and an API from scratch.

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