The Beginners Guide to 3D Web Game Development with ThreeJS

With the help of the WebGL library, ThreeJS, discover how to write JavaScript code while creating games

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to code in the most popular program language in the world, JavaScript, in a fun way
  • Learn how to use the in-demand WebGL Open Source library ThreeJS
  • Add vital skills to your CV
  • Learn key coding techniques by creating fun games.
  • Learn to adapt freely available 3D assets so they are game ready.


  • Enthusiasm


Most Web developers know JavaScript. JavaScript is among the leading programming languages in the world. There is a need for programmers who are proficient with this language throughout the world. By the end of this The Beginners Guide to 3D Web Game Development with ThreeJS course, you will be able to create three games based on your new language skills.

You will create several simple online 3D apps using your new JavaScript skills and the popular Open Source library, ThreeJS, before writing your first game. Once you have a thorough understanding of the ThreeJS library, you can start making your first game. In the first game, you’ll play a simple game. Learning how to load assets, move assets, input user input, and test for collisions will be covered here.

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You will learn new skills as you progress through the The Beginners Guide to 3D Web Game Development with ThreeJS course. You’ll learn how to animate a player avatar, control NPC characters so they can patrol on a random path by using navigation meshes and path-finding in the next game. We’ll walk you through controlling the avatar on a desktop with a keyboard or gamepad and on a mobile phone with an on-screen controller. The objective of this tutorial is to teach you how to fire bullets at an enemy and add AI to the enemy so they can fire back. There are all the ingredients that make up a shooter game.

For the final game, we used the physics engine CannonJS to control actual ball movement during an Eight-ball Pool game.

As you proceed, you will learn to create your 3D assets for the games you make using Blender, a 3D application program.

Upon completing the The Beginners Guide to 3D Web Game Development with ThreeJS course you will be very well prepared for any task an employer may throw your way when writing JavaScript code. What’s important is that you’ll have developed your much sought-after skills while having fun.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and intermediate developers hoping to improve their JavaScript skills by learning to code 3D web games
  • Beginners and intermediate developers wanting to learn to use the Open Source WebGL library ThreeJS
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Created by Nicholas Lever
Last updated 8/2021
Size: 4.6 GB

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