The Complete Flutter UI Masterclass | iOS, Android, & Web

Create beautiful and responsive UIs for iOS, Android, and the Web with the help of the Flutter and Dart libraries!

What you’ll learn

  • Create beautiful mobile and web applications with Flutter and Dart
  • Implement Flutter widgets from simple to advanced
  • Create your own custom widgets with Flutter
  • Explore data with Flutter



Do you want to learn how to build beautiful Android and iOS apps with Flutter and Dart or are you having trouble designing mobile applications?

You will learn how to build the UI of five amazing mobile apps in The Complete Flutter UI Masterclass | iOS, Android, & Web course!

  1. Food Delivery App
  2. Budget App
  3. Social Media App
  4. Facebook App and Web
  5. Netflix App and Web

You understand the importance of implementing a clean and intuitive user interface as a mobile app developer. Making sure the user experience is as seamless as possible is vital. Flutter offers the opportunity for web and mobile developers to build responsive interfaces with one codebase.

You will learn how to:

  • Implement basic and advanced Flutter widgets (Ex: ListViews, GridViews, Slivers, Custom Painters, Custom Clippers, Drawers, etc.)
  • Write your own custom widgets
  • Visualize data with charts
  • Animate widgets
  • Use stack-based screen navigation
  • Debug your code
  • Build responsive user interfaces for mobile and web
  • And much more!
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You will create amazing apps if you complete The Complete Flutter UI Masterclass | iOS, Android, & Web course, and I look forward to seeing them!

Who this course is for:

  • Flutter developers who want to improve their UI skills
  • Flutter developers who want to learn basic and advanced Flutter widgets

Created by Marcus Ng
Last updated 5/2021
Size: 4.1 GB

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