The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course

Don’t Just Learn the SQL Language, Become Job-Ready and Launch Your Career as a Certified Oracle SQL Developer! By following The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course on udemy.

What you’ll learn

  • Become Job Ready to Start Contributing as a Database Developer Day 1
  • Program in the SQL Language to Solve a Variety of Database Problems
  • Code along with me to PRACTICE and IMPLEMENT everything you learn
  • Become a SQL Ninja and Understand How the Oracle Database Works
  • MASTER the Content Required to Pass the Oracle 1Z0-071 Database SQL Exam
  • Obtain the Skills that are Necessary to Land a Job as a SQL Developer
  • Have the Ability to Solve any SQL Problem


  • Absolutely no programming experience is required to master the content in this course



The excellent thing is, for The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course, you do not require any previous experience in programming what so ever. SQL is a various animal and we’re going to debunk the language from scratch and prepare you with plenty of gradually difficult assignments so that by the time you’ve finished the course (in 2 months), you can call your self an Oracle SQL Master! This course will prepare you to be job-ready in simply 1 month of research study and practice.

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All exercises and options remain in the lectures. In a number of lectures I ask trainees to stop briefly the video and finish the assignment prior to resuming to see my option. ENSURE YOU WORK OUT THE PROBLEMS ON YOUR OWN BEFORE MOVING ON TO MY SOLUTION !!

With over 62,000 registered trainees and a 4.5 star-rating, this is a Udemy very popular course.

Do you have no previous experience in SQL advancement? The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course is ideal for you. Do not take it from me, take it from real trainees that took this course:

” I am a newbie and the method this course begins is ideal for the individual who has no intro of SQL or Oracle.”

Do you have previous experience, however require a refresher or to tweak your abilities? This is the course for you. Once again, I’ll let my trainees do the talking:

” I had an excellent base of understanding from my last work. The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course is continuously showing helpful to supercharge my real knowledge base. Excellent one!”

Have you taken a SQL course in the past, however felt puzzled on particular subjects or not entirely pleased in your capabilities? A great deal of my trainees had actually shared comparable issues:

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” I had actually formerly taken a college course about databases and SQL, however these 10 hours of material were more clear and helpful than the course and book.”

Subjects covered in this course:

  • Essentials of Tables
  • SELECT and WHERE Clause
  • WHERE, AND & OR with Operators
  • Single Table Queries
  • Single Row Functions
  • Grouping Functions
  • GROUP BY and HAVING Clause
  • Signs up with
  • Inner and Outer Joins
  • EXISTS & NOT EXIST Operators
  • Making Your Own Tables
  • Utilizing ALTER
  • Making Tables with SELECT & UPDATE Data
  • ERASE, TRUNCATE, and DROP Commands
  • System Tables, Pseudo Columns & Deleting Duplicates (Newly Added).
  • Views and Other Objects and Commands (Newly Added).

Who this course is for:.

  • Anybody going to enter into the software application advancement profession.
  • Anybody ready to Master SQL and get a task as a well-paid Oracle SQL Developer.
  • Anybody going to strive in mastering the SQL language.
  • Anybody who has an interest in passing the Oracle 1Z0-071 test!

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Last updated 11/2020
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