Trading-Bot with Python

Learn the fundamentals of algorithmic trading and data processing in the financial industry.

What you’ll learn

  • Incorporate trading algorithms.
  • Create investment plans.
  • Python programming is used to download, process, and analyze stock market data.


Would you like to learn how to create stock market investing bots? Or do you want to improve your strategies?

We’ll show you how to achieve these goals and more in this Trading-Bot with Python course! We’ll start from the beginning and increase our expertise until we can: 1) obtain data and alter it to meet our needs; 2) design and backtest strategies; and 3) develop trading bots. This course is broken down into seven modules:

  1. The training begins with an introduction. In this first session, we’ll look at the Trading-Bot with Python course overview, how to utilize Google Colab, and other essential bits of information for getting started with the course.
  2. Python is a programming language. We’ll learn about the fundamentals of programming, such as what variables, classes, and functions are.
  3. Pandas, as well as other essential software. We’ll learn how to utilize pandas and other data-downloading and data-manipulation tools.
  4. Alpaca’s API is used. We’ll learn how to obtain financial data and make buy/sell orders in this class.
  5. Indicators of financial health. We’ll study the theory behind several financial indicators as well as how to calculate them in this section.
  6. Backtesting. In this part, we’ll use financial data to improve the parameters of our strategies so that we may make the most money possible.
  7. Making a trading bot is a difficult task. Finally, we’ll learn how to build a trading bot that invests on its own, without our continual monitoring.
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Who this course is for:

  • Those that want to invest in the stock market
  • Those that wish to put trading algorithms into practice
  • People interested in utilizing Python to improve their tradings
  • Programmers who wish to dive into the trading world

Created by Giovanni Bonaventura, Migue Hernanz Koers, Kevin Meneses González
Last updated 8/2021
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