Unity Android 2022 : Build 3D ZigZag Racing Game with C#

You will learn how to develop a complete 3D racing game with Unity, begin monetizing it with advertisements, then publish it to Google Play

What you’ll learn

  • Build An Android Game Start To Finish
  • Learn Unity Game Development from Scratch
  • Create A 3D ZigZag Racing Game
  • Monetize Your Game With Video Ads
  • Publish Your Game Online
  • Add Music & Special Effects


  • Basic Understanding of Unity & C#


Are You interested in building and publishing an Android game?

In just a few hours, you can create your own Android game with this course.

From Start to Finish, you will learn Unity & C# while creating a 3D ZigZag Racing Android Game.

You can build your own game from scratch even if you have never used Unity before.

In This Course You Will Learn To:

  1. Create A Complete 3D Android Game
  2. Learn Unity from Scratch
  3. Build & Publish your Game Online
  4. Add Music to Your Game
  5. Create Scoring System
  6. Monetize with Video Ads
  7. Add Special particle effects and many more things..

Develop your understanding of the basic concepts, tools, and functions needed to use the Unity game engine to create fully functional Android mobile games.

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Build a strong foundation in Unity and Android Game Development with this Unity Android 2021 : Build 3D ZigZag Racing Game with C# course.

  • Unity Installation & Setup
  • Android Game Development
  • Importing 3D Models
  • Designing Game Level
  • Game Monetization
  • Coding in C# and more..

You’ve Got a Powerful Tool at Your Fingertips Learning Unity Android Game Development fundamentals allows you to gain a powerful and useful skill. For Android games, Unity is the game engine of choice because it is free, easy to learn, has comprehensive documentation, and is a game engine that is easy to learn.

The scope of unity android game development is wide, and learning unity android game development will give you a strong foundation upon which to build a variety of awesome android games.

Suitable for beginning programmers, this Unity Android 2021: Build 3D ZigZag Racing Game with C# course contains more than 40 lectures and 10 hours of content. You’ll learn all you need to know about unity android game development and develop a strong grasp of the concept behind Android game development.

In this Unity Android 2021: Build 3D ZigZag Racing Game with C# course, you will be taken through various Unity features and how they can be used beginning with installing Unity, Java Development Kit, and Android SDK. The Unity game development examples will help you develop a strong understanding of how to build games.

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After you have mastered these basics, the Unity Android 2021: Build 3D ZigZag Racing Game with C# course will walk you through building different example games with unity to gain a deeper understanding of how to create mobile android games.

After completing the Unity Android 2021 : Build 3D ZigZag Racing Game with C# course, students will be able to develop fully functional and ready to publish Android games.

This Unity Android 2021: Build 3D ZigZag Racing Game with C# course includes downloadable working files that allow you to work along with the author to master each concept while receiving an official certificate of completion upon completion.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone willing to Learn how to Build and Publish Android Games with Unity

Created by Raja Biswas
Last updated 7/2021
Size: 3.4 GB

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