Unity + SQL Databases Player Management Leaderboards + More!

A SQL database lets players sign in, track their scores, and build a leaderboard for players around the world!

What you’ll learn

  • Unity
  • SQL
  • Server Scripting
  • Unity Web Requests
  • Unity Databasing
  • Unity Player Management
  • Unity Leadboards
  • Unity Sign In Users



This course will help you take your games to the next level! Your Unity project can be connected to a backend database! This course will provide you with a lot of information that you can use in many different situations. The website lets you track players’ scores, allow users to log in and out, build a leaderboard of players, and connect them globally!

Topic Covered:

  • Unity
  • Unity Networking / Webrequests
  • Unity Database
  • Unity Player Management
  • SQL Database
  • Unity UI Work
  • Unity Leaderboards
  • PHP Scripting Basics
  • LAMP Cloud Server Set Up
  • Database Security
  • Password Security
  • Working with JSON

So come along for the ride and take your Unity projects to a whole new level!!!

Over 7,000 students have taken Austin Patkos’ classes on Udemy (eJPT, CCP, SAA, BCCe). Teaching technology is one of his passions, as well as tech itself. Understanding that not remembering information is enough, you need to understand it in a deeper way until you are able to retain it. Throughout the course, he will help you develop your skills and help you reach the next level in your career as a developer. As a teacher, he emphasizes a careful balance between giving enough information and also taking time to practice it. These courses were developed by Austin in order to help learners become better developers.

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Who this course is for:

  • Unity Developers

Created by Austin Patkos
Last updated 6/2021
Size: 4.4 GB

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