Unity VFX Graph – Magic Effects – Intermediate Level

The Unity VFX Graph makes it easy to create magical abilities for the game character Thunderlord after taking this Unity VFX Graph – Magic Effects – Intermediate Level udemy course.

What you’ll learn

  • Create Magic Abilities for a Game Character.
  • Learn Unity Visual Effect Graph.
  • Learn Unity Shader Graph.
  • Learn how to create Smoke, Hand-Made Flipbooks, Textures, Meshes and Fracture Objects.


  • Unity: Basics
  • Photoshop (or similar): Basics
  • Blender: Basics
  • Graphic Tablet Helps


The purpose of this Unity VFX Graph – Magic Effects – Intermediate Level course is to teach you how to create visual effects with Unity Visual Effect Graph. Create an Ability Set for a game character named Thunderlord.

From basic to intermediate, you’ll learn how to use Visual Effect Graph. In this session, we’ll see how this node-based tool works and get started with some simple but effective exercises like sparks to help you get started. Then we will discuss intermediate and advanced effects creation, a set of capabilities consisting of:

Ability 01: Projectile – Projectile with Trails, Warm-up effect, Impact and Hammer Glow;

Ability 02: Earthshatter – Earthshatter effect, Hammer Trails and Hammer Glow;

Ability 03: Hammer Punch – Hammer Punch effect, Hammer Trails and Hammer Glow;

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Ability 04: Thunderstorm – Thunderstorm AoE, Lightning Strike effect, Warm-up effect, Falling Projectiles effect.

While you create this advanced effects, you will learn stuff like:

1) Use Shader Graph and create practical shaders for game effects;

2) Create original Textures from scratch;

3) Make some awesome Trails;

4) Create hand-painted Flipbook Animations;

5) Create Smoke with Blender;

6) Fracture Objects with Blender;

7) And much more.

By taking this Unity VFX Graph – Magic Effects – Intermediate Level course, you will gain real-life experience of Visual Effects creation in an environment of Game Development.

This Unity VFX Graph – Magic Effects – Intermediate Level course was made with Unity URP in 2020.1.14. It is compatible with 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Who this course is for:

  • Unity users
  • Unreal users
  • Game Developers
  • VFX Artists
  • 3D Generalists
  • Programmers
  • Illustrators
  • Animators

Created by The GAP Academy, Gabriel Aguiar
Last updated 5/2021
Size: 8.1 GB

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